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9H SmartRanch™ Map GIS

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June 1, 2023

Our 9H SmartRanch™ students have worked hard to create a GIS map to help ranchers in their daily tasks.

Ranchers can now see where all of their infrastructure is – stock tanks, cattle guards, fence lines, irrigation ditches, flumes, headgates, and whatever else they want to keep track of.

On an easy to use phone app, a rancher is able to mark problematic areas that need fixing or attention, upload photos that show the issue, and give GPS directions to a ranch-hand to fix the exact problem. When that ranch-hand is finished, he can snap a photo of the fix, change the status of the location from “problem” to “operational”, and the updates are immediately visible on the 9H SmartRanch™ online map.

Click here for Full-Screen GIS Map

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