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$16K Drone SmartRanch™ Student Internship

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February 17, 2022

9H SmartRanch Drone Project

In this internship/project, a team of four UW students will apply their collective education, training, and experience in addressing research questions related to identification of weed species using drone mounted sensors, image processing software, and machine learning techniques. Students will further explore the use of drones for precise herbicide application and mosquito breeding abatement. The team will be mentored by faculty from UW’s interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Science & Technology (GIST) Program. Students will utilize state-of-the-art drone equipment and drone image processing software. Above all, participants will be paid to gain hands-on problem-solving experience working collaboratively in a team environment to generate viable solutions that can be implemented in the industry. This project is ideal for qualified students based in Laramie during the Summer of 2022 who may be looking to combine this opportunity with summer school or other flexible, part-time employment.

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