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Laramie Solar Project provides energy for 100 homes

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May 16, 2023

The 9H Research Foundation installed 1,152 solar panels to create a 500kW Solar Facility. This provides the energy equivalent of the yearly usage of nearly 100 US homes.

The 9H Research Foundation’s philanthropy is simply: give young Wyoming students a chance to work on applied projects that have real-world value. We believe in pragmatic values that instill hard work and responsibility in the next generation. We focus on Engineering and Agriculture projects.

In April 2023, we commissioned a 500kW, 5-acre, solar facility. Built with student input, the data is public and accessible for student and faculty research. Furthermore, the revenue from the sale of electricity will fund student projects, competitions, scholarships, and internships for decades to come.  

9H has had over 150 students go through our various competitions, challenges, internships, and senior design projects. We have been directly involved in helping students get their first jobs out of college, and companies call us to verify our past interns’ work with the Foundation. The idea is to bridge the gap between university studies and real-world careers. The best way we know how to do this is to stimulate the students with internships and projects that pique their interest, fuel their problem-solving skills, and reward them financially.  

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